The FBI director from Michigan was and is the ring leader of the FBI's current deceptive plot against your fellow Americans. This all began with Whitmer's fake kidnapping case, wherein the FBI tried to entrap innocent Michiganders while the entire state essentially was opposing Whitmer's draconian Communist cold virus lockdowns. Somehow these assholes considered that a success, even though people were calling it out as an FBI production in the making WHILE it was happening, and then they promoted D'Antuono and the whole mess to D.C. on January 6th. Nobody believed Whitmer was ever in danger of a few pot heads overthrowing the Michigan government but our corrupt government still thought it was a good idea to try it again on a national scale, in order to say President Trump (and two million American supporters) conducted an insurrection after the election we clearly had won. An election we won in an historical landslide!


No, this is not a Netflix series about undercover agents. It's real life, and it's happening in real time as we speak, and it's our government, the "deep state", the "swamp" actively working against American citizens to overthrow and keep control of a previously free nation. They are using their high offices of federal law enforcement and national intelligence to cloak, primarily their own deceptions, and law breaking.

We can't possibly move forward as a nation when we still don't have answers and accountability for our government's sins of the past. Never even mind racial harmony - how could we put that behind us and move forward from it when bureaucratic assholes have still not been held accountable for MURDERING America's civil rights movement?

And here they still are, the FBI, federal intelligence agents, under the cloak of "federal authority and secrecy" murdering, incriminating and imprisoning each and every American movement that tries to root them out honestly and forthrightly.

I need to hear RFK Jr. call these assholes out in regards to J6. Does he not think it's outrageous and illegal? I need to hear RFK Jr's stance on the hundreds of Americans who are now sitting in a federal pen for attending a political rally. And is RFK Jr. not remotely concerned while we watch them openly fabricate a brazen lie about President Trump leading an insurrection?

It is in fact the same deep state that murdered the Kennedys. It is the same bureaucratic agencies that have been manipulating and controlling America from D.C. ever since. And they are doing it for the same reasons - in an effort to prevent their hidden hand in everything from being laid bare before the nation and the world.

No, we can't move forward, particularly when we are still LIVING IT, in real time.

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There's a fear of speaking freely now, too, and many of us are waiting for RFK, Jr., to

defend dialogue even if we don't agree or understand other views.

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On Rumble, I'm subscribed! Thank you for supporting my president. The world thanks you.

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