First: Please ... the glasses down on bridge of nose looks too much like Schumer. You are smart. Schumer is retard. Let’s not confuse anyone.

Secondly: do interview with astrophysicist Prof. Willie Soon ... left Harvard after 30y. He studied atmospheric conditions and hydrocarbons related to sun and interplanetary motion.

CO2 is simply NOT a problem in itself. Important to get this detail straight so you can’t be accused of “Trojan Horse” for the liberals. Fund innovation in energy production. Expand the grid. $3T is nothing. Even innovation in natural gas extraction should be looked at carefully. Forget Middle East oil especially at the cost of funding more conflict abroad.

Fix the infrastructure. Another $3T will be spent on jobs. No more war? it’s all paid for.

The problem is POLLUTION. You are the only candidate who understands the existential importance of regenerative agricultural reform, banning most insecticides and curtailing pharmaceutical mass poisoning. The other candidates are CLUELESS. They really dumb.

Go ahead! Be an anti-vaxxer! The vaccines ALL ALL ALL attack the microbiome, this attack is the root cause of immune suppression, the true outcome of. Vaccinations. PLUS cognitive impairment. TALK ABOUT the microbiome and its key importance to health. Interview Dr. Hazan ... you never did to my knowledge.

The physicians who still recommend the COVID shots are retards. Over-vaccinated millennials are the group that died like flies in 2021 when they got mandated. They loved video games and everything hi-tech ... they thought the mRNA shots were just one more cool high-tech thing. And they died. Age 35 in 2021 was birth year 1986. These milennials soaked up the vaccine hockey stick. Life long immune suppression plus COVID shots = death by myocarditis and fibrotic clots.

A level playing field for all citizens depends on ONE thing: protect the human brain AT ALL COST from conception onward ... and all the societal upgrades that are required. Black brains, white brains, yellow brains, red brains, brown brains, purple brains. That can ALL write books, run a business, do algebra, learn Russian or repair cars, build buildings ... whatever. But the microbiome MUST be in good condition starting with the MOTHER and the birth experience. No shots. No drugs. No Glyphosates in the food. Serious Immune science for the masses.

Careful! Even criminals will be smart. But maybe fewer people will want to be ... or need to be ... if we curtail the forever wars.

Dr. Willie Soon/Tucker Carlson


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I agree that the Bret Weinstein interview by Tucker Carlson was something special. I hope many millions more watch it.

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The True Timeline of January 6th is Here! -- 1.06 hour Documentary – FULL OUTSTANDING

J6: A True Timeline – 01/01/2024 -- https://open.ink/collections/j6 #J6TrueTimeline


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There is a story circulating in the international web that Austin was killed in the recent Russian missile attack on Kiev. It's more than curious that the US MSM has not produced a photo of Austin working from his bed at Walter Reed as is claimed.

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I found this to be an extremely significant interview. I have followed Bret and Heather ever since covid

first appeared on the horizon. His dire analysis and prognosis are true to me. What is most disturbing is

his telling us that these dark forces have no face, i.e. Stalin, Hitler, Netanyahu, Fauci etc. How are

masses of people roused to resist this Darkness? I guess it's only from our individual situation - how each of us experiences the oppression - that we are roused to resist. So many are in denial, but soon

that stance will become impossible to maintain. Thank you, Tucker Carlson, for this program.

Olenka Folda

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After reading these comments I am more firmly committed to #GOP #WalkAway

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Trying hard to cover too many bases here, Louis

One or at the most two is more than adequate.

The Epstein reveals are front row and center. It is the VIDEOS

that are being with held, not the "files" Let us be crystal clear

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