The boomer generation is coming to realize that the media is doing to Bobby what they did to Trump. The more viscous they attack, the more people will listen to him directly, and they are converted. I’m almost glad that they are protesting so much. But my blood still boils when they lie so blatantly.

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It's a crisis affecting the whole political spectrum. Nobody, regardless of your position, should be censored and demonized simply because somebody in power disagrees.

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My sister sent me a post from Mary Trump's substack which is all about making sure Donald doesn't get re-elected. I took issue with the lies in one of her recent posts though. Maybe the campaign can get the true word out (she has over 150K subscribers)...

> "Just like Donald, RFK Jr. takes every opportunity to spread conspiracy theories, sow distrust, and ignite fear and division, rather than promoting unity.

Robert F. Kennedy must be exposed. We cannot afford to let him siphon votes from President Biden."

-- https://marytrump.substack.com/p/rfk-jr-hires-jan-6-rally-leader

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Yes!👍RFK ALL the way! Our NEXT President!👍

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Thanks for your support, Shanna!

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You are welcome! We just need to get him in the WH!

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Off topic here, but RFK Jr needs to address these allegations made by Whitney Webb, a highly respected investigative reporter who has been a guest on RFK’s podcast. She has expressed some very concerning facts. I have been a huge supporter of RFK Jr as well as a monthly donor. I have lost friends and my son didn’t speak to me for over two months due to my support of RFK Jr and before I pour my heart, soul and money into his campaign, I hope you will share the clip ( the whole segment can be watched on Kim Iversen’s podcast) and he will address these allegations. I’m not sure I will be able to continue my support.

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This gentleman is the cleanest dirty shirt in the laundry basket of electoral politics. Good luck.

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That's certainly one way to put it, Cecil!

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Trump and Biden are yesterdays news. RFK jr is the candidate the USA needs to become PRESIDENT.

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Thank you. Also, is RFK Jr. anti-Semitic?

Are Palestinians Semitic people? (Question to an AI chat)

The short answer is yes, Palestinians are indeed considered Semitic people.

Now, let's dive into the long answer. The term "Semitic" refers to a group of people who speak or are descended from people who speak a Semitic language. These languages include Arabic, Hebrew, and Amharic, among others. Palestinians primarily speak Arabic, which is a Semitic language. So, in terms of language, Palestinians are indeed Semitic people.

But wait, there's more! The term "Semitic" is also used to describe a group of people who share common ancestry, originating from the Middle East and parts of North Africa. Palestinians, like many other groups in the region, have a rich and diverse history that includes various migrations, conquests, and cultural exchanges. This means that genetically, Palestinians are a mix of different ancestral groups, including Semitic peoples.

In conclusion, Palestinians are considered Semitic people both linguistically and ancestrally.

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So the party that is supposedly the defender of democracy is actively blocking ballot access for two candidates who together (Kennedy plus Trump) command the overwhelming support of the majority of the citizens (over 60%). And if you ask any of them why they feel that's OK, the response is that both of those candidates are a threat to democracy. That's about as Orwellian as it gets.

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The article on why baby boomers are not showing the expected support was BS.

It’s not media bubble or abs envy. Baby boomers are your CHD members and $6600 supporters in 2023. Bobby stop treating us like we’re stupid.

Your implicit support of “end justifies the means” ... war crimes in Gaza ... has cost you support. Losing Dennis was a mistake. Was it arrogance? I’m not so sure. It makes no sense. This means there is missing information. I believe you are disingenuous on this topic, possibly out of expediency. The reasons are behind the scenes.

My Mom was Jewish. Her sense of humor and irreverence for authority (Jewish folks are not a stereotype) live on in me.

I like Dershowitz even though he says really stupid stuff outside the narrow context of our Constitution. He is an authority worshipper. For example he thinks the shots are great. He’s best friends with the criminal Bibi. He said there are no Nazis in Ukraine (he was shocked when he found out otherwise). He gave Biden a B+ ... are your eyes rolling yet?

But he says this : if somebody is bad, it’s cuz they are bad. Not cuz they belong to group. Well said! Debbie Wasseman is a nasty money grubbing unprincipled bitch cuz she is one, not because she is Jewish.

If I wanted to promote anti-Semitic sentiments I’d get a bucket of paint from Benjamin Moore in custom color “Debbi Schultz” and paint all Jewish folks with it. Even though I would know it is a false characterization.

Similarly Netanyahu is a criminal because he is one.

First you were abused by Schultz at the Censorship Hearing. Next you were abused by Boteach on Oct 9 in Philly. We were there. This jerk crashed your announcement and had the audacity to state on stage that Sirhan Sirhan killed your Dad. You should have kicked his ass. He’s a jerk cuz he is one, not cuz he’s Jewish.

How about Peter Hotez? He’s an idiot because he is one. And vaccines are garbage because they are. They all attack the microbiome ... ALL of them. Because they do. Immune suppression and cognitive impairment are what they do because they do. Not because a lot of Jews work in the industry and Dersh loves his Jewish doctor.

So what happened the day of the Hannity show in NY? SOMETHING HAPPENED. You met with a gaggle of Rabbis and next thing we know you have broken with Dennis over the choreographed Oct 7 false flag and Netanyahu’s war.

You have not convinced anyone that Netanyahu’s war crimes are necessary, that there was no other path for Israel, following up by means of Gaza genocide the brutality against Israeli citizens that security services effectively arranged and let happen. It’s even more like 9/11 than anyone admits … speaking of the complicity of the security community and violence against their own citizens. Just another pretext to funnel taxpayer money into the defense industry. Israel’s biggest. Boteach’s family business. How about human trafficking? Some rabbi.

How many Israelis did Netanyahu kill with the COVID shots? Surely you have an estimate. Out with it!

Argentina should kidnap Netanyahu, drag him back to Buenos Ares for trial and hanging for war crimes.

Take the gloves off. Shirtless goody two shoes does not work anymore. Biden and Fauci are guilty of crimes against humanity. SAY IT OUT LOUD! It’s like the urge to vomit. It’s unpleasant. You don’t want to. You try in vain to settle your stomach. But you are sick and the purgative MUST happen.

25% of voters refused the shots. We are a one issue voting block.

100% of Biden supporters were poisoned. Some are hopeless blockheads. The rest are waking up.

Trump stupidly refuses to repudiate the shots, This alone makes him unsuitable for the presidency.

All states failed to enforce their consumer protection laws. Citizens died in droves because of affirmative misrepresentation: the heart of mandate compliance. Tell us why.

Get Dennis back. He needs to run your campaign … not the CIA.

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All polling shows that support for Israel is strongest amongst baby boomers. Your argument makes sense with regard to Gen Z who nevertheless show support for RFK.

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I assume you get paid by the word.

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falsely accused of being a “conspiracy theorist,” of being “anti-vaccine,” and of spreading “mal-information.”

Seems there is a conspiracy, it is anything but theoretical,

anti vaccine? Much prefer the more accurate term "pure blood"

Bad information? or speaking the truth with evidence

Far better to speak the truth and repeat it, than to go on the defensive!

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RFK Jr The ONLY hope for our Democracy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Yippee! As a very invested, interested Australian, this is Music to my ears & Food for my Soul! We so need Bobby as President of America for the sake of the rest of the world! He will clean out the swamp & make sure it stays clean like he help clean up the Hudson! Lets Go! Keep up the good work guys!

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