The vast majority of legitimate climate scientists have shown there is NO climate crisis. This is a fraudulent operation by globalists for political and financial purposes, to gain control of the earth's resources, food and energy.

See what the climate experts have to say:


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There is NO climate crisis. I’m all about environmental concerns, preservation, etc. But the climate initiatives have created more of an economical crisis for the middle class . Wind farms completely obliterate ecosystems and kill large birds! Isn’t Kennedy a falconer??? What about the dozens of whales killed from these asinine wind turbines in the ocean? Nuclear is the wave of the future. For the love of god, we need CO2 for a healthy atmosphere.

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Gary: great Proposition you make: " it’s time to look around for people and ideas that aren’t at the table, people who’ve been excluded, or people who have been so-far ignored. "

I have been researching this issue for years now and have more than 1000 files and links to this issue from SCIENTISTS with data... Lets see if they can help clear Your and RFK's thoughts by considering them... Long list:

Start by Download this: https://fatemperor.wetransfer.com/downloads/5c8fbc7053d8f27b262c99b81f3aa36e20230906183043/2ff890

Professor Ian Pilmer Tremendously clear and simple explanation of the FRAUD and SCAM of the AGW. Vid 18 min Do not miss !! –Author “Green Murder”.. If we halved CO2 all plant life would die, and animals would die." https://watch.adh.tv/cpac-2022/season:2/videos/cpac-2022-prof-ian-plimer

2023 11 06 James T. Mooday: Carbon Dioxide Does Not Cause Warming, No Gas Causes Warming https://www.lewrockwell.com/2023/11/no_author/carbon-dioxide-does-not-cause-warming-no-gas-causes-warming/

2023 10 23 The Man who invented Climate Change and influenced Schwab’s Great Reset https://expose-news.com/2022/10/23/the-man-who-invented-climate-change-and-influenced-schwabs-great-reset-agenda/?cmid=8aae664d-fcca-4f07-8df3-1ff93d24c514

2023 10 20 Nobel Prize winner signs declaration rejecting Anthropogenic Warming https://twitter.com/robinmonotti/status/1715386742931341745

2023 10 08 Igor Chudov: Is the planet Boiling or are we measuring the Wrong Things and looking at Biased Data? https://www.igor-chudov.com/p/is-the-planet-truly-boiling-or-are?publication_id=441185&post_id=136652959&isFreemail=true&r=1dgyyl

2023 09 24 Dr. John F Clauser, Nobel Prize, says “There is No Climate Emergency” https://expose-news.com/2023/09/24/there-is-no-climate-emergency-says-nobel-prize-winner-dr-john-f-clauser/?cmid=09b5168a-c5d9-4cdf-a723-95133e44d61b

More: https://www.lewrockwell.com/2023/09/no_author/trust-the-experts-1600-scientists-sign-declaration-denouncing-climate-change-hoax/

2023 09 07 Ivor Cummins: Top Facts on Climate Controversy Fully Explained – Look at the graphs -if you do not understand them suppress opinions, while you keep reading the rest.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wnjozntXnZ4

2023 08 31 1600 scientists sign a “No Climate Change” declaration https://www.activistpost.com/2023/08/settled-science-over-1600-scientists-sign-a-no-climate-change-declaration.html

2023 08 28 Peter Koenig: The Criminal Insanity of Climate Change https://www.lewrockwell.com/2023/08/no_author/the-criminal-insanity-of-climate-change/

2023 07 24 Nobel Prize winner John Clauser denounces corruption of “climate science” https://www.zerohedge.com/political/cancellations-start-john-clauser-after-nobel-physics-laureate-speaks-out-about-corruption

2023 06 21 Carbon Dioxide has Zero Effect on Temperatures https://expose-news.com/2023/06/21/carbon-dioxide-has-zero-effect-on-temperatures/?cmid=36353cdb-a45d-4ed2-8ea1-cad4dd9874ad

2023 05 09 The SCAM, Immense Cost to meet the Zero CO2 emissions target. https://www.americanthinker.com/blog/2023/05/net_zero_grid_batteries_alone_would_bankrupt_america_.html

2023 05 04 Ivor Cummins: ABSORB THE GRAPH SHOWN…THINK. USE your brain. We are coming out of the Coldest period in the last 10.000 years and temperatures should NATURALLY RISE. It is not Catastrophic Global Warming, but just getting back to a bit more normal. 4min. long https://twitter.com/FatEmperor/status/1654244932763123712

2023 04 21 Climate expert Dr. Richard Linzen: Climate Change Movement is a Fabricated Politicized Power Play Motivated by Malice and Profit - Audio 34m. at bottom https://www.biznews.com/energy/2023/04/21/climate-change-5

2023 04 17 Farmer asks Climate Change panelists: What percent of the atmosphere is CO2? 6 answers ranged from 5 to 8%...Farmer informs 0.04%. The “experts answer was 160 TIMES MORE THAN REALITY…Farmer informed that if it fell to 0.02% ALL VEGETATION WOULD DIE. Vid.2min. Will uneducated people continue Governing? https://twitter.com/mariusknulst/status/1647868663851040768

2022 10 27 A message from CLINTEL: There is no Climate Emergency..Must read this site https://expose-news.com/2022/10/27/there-is-no-climate-emergency-clintel/

2023 01 16 Best video on Climate change


Ivor Cummins shows that Statistics can Lie if Manipulated cleverly… The whole theory of Global Warming which induces fear of the Anthropogenic CO2 takes as its base point the LOWEST TEMPERATURE in world history and obviously from that point on the probability is NATURAL GLOBAL WARMING… Not man made. Short and excellent Video – If you do not understand the concept unfortunately you are not qualified to opine yet..keep reading.


MIT professor for 30 years on the Warming Issue Video 5 min



CO2 Coalition Org web page: general references and articles Go to this web page and read the “On Climate Sensitivity” article and download the PDF for future reference. Start clicking on all the links at the bottom of the page – each one has clear, simple to follow and Scientific information -

After10 years of researching the issue of “Is Man made CO2 to blame for Climate Change?”, this page is one of the most complete, transmitting with simplicity, but scientifically, all the data needed to evaluate the issue. Continue, and you will answer NO to the question. https://co2coalition.org/facts/

Go to: the CO2 vs Temperature link (bottom right) and start exploring the links


Go to a spectacularly clear and simple explanation of Scientific Facts. Notice they do not give you selected data, but long term graphs to give the full perspective -- Look at Fact #1 - But go to the bottom of the page and you will see links to 32 Facts. Start with #1 and browse to #32 in several days. Explanations, even if scientific, are clear and helpful. If you do explore this extensively you will be surprised at the clarity, orderly manner, and rationality of all the explanations…


Please, do not feel insulted, but after this, if you did believe in the CO2 Climate Change theory fed by titles of Mainstream Media articles and Government communications (either because they are ignorant of deceitful for a purpose), you will overcome the IGNORANCE they made you fall into and start being really Educated. CO2 Coalition does not simply give you a speech to convince, as they have Scientific References for all they communicate, something Governments and Mainstream Media do not do.

Also, do not reject this with the usual "adjectives", but try to find scientific facts against what is presented above/

Please, the statements above are not meant to insult you… as the saying goes: “when you are proven wrong on an issue, YOU DO NOT LOSE, you WIN because YOU STOP BEING WRONG” . Give yourself a chance and explore the sites, take your time, no hurry ... Copy and save this on a Word file and Save it.

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I agree with the comments below. The climate crisis is fake. There is no proof that emissions raise temperatures. Increased CO2 benefits the environment along with plant growth and human health. This does not mean pollution should not be reduced, but this is an entirely different problem, as is harmful chemical exposure.

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If RFK Jr wants to win he needs to get real about the climate religion being preached by folks like the author. The whole man made climate change is a lie just as big as MRNA shots are safe and effective. Neither one is true. The whole premise of the climate change is man made is the humanity is a plague upon the earth and there was a paradise that can be achieved but what is left out is the unwritten statement that this mystical paradise can only be achieve with fewer humans on it. Humanity is nothing but a cockroach on Mother Earth and our very existence is killing her. I reject out of hand any theory with that as it’s root. Climate change is a religion that worships a false god. It’s got nothing on the Indians that worship other false gods. RFK if he truly wants to win and have the power to effect incremental changes needs to clearly appeal to the majority that doesn’t believe the climate change false claims.

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This article does not represent my view and hopefully not RFK Jr’s. It would be better to merge “social justice” with mercury or actual air pollution like smog versus trying it to an inert gas, CO2. What caused the glaciers that were a mile thick over Ohio to melt? The same thing that heats and drives our climate today, the Sun. With global warming, follow the money…

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Absolute Non Science. First "fossil fuels" are not from fossils. This PhD (Piled Higher and Deeper) is clueless.

Further "we" are not running out, oil is renewable. That said, Oil is a horrible polluter.

There is NOT a man caused climate crisis as parroted.

The corporate pig has been allowed to manufacture and distribute toxic chemicals. Foolish consumers still use them.

We need free unlimited energy for all. Tesla knew this and delivered.

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Climate "crisis"?

You want to help? Don't help.

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Kennedy's Unhinged-Undignified Zionist Partner/Friend:

Rabid Zionist Rabbi Shmuley Hawks SEX TOYS With His DAUGHTER!


Its all about the Benjamins Shmuley is saying but don't you dare!

And he supports Terrorizing the Palestinians (Real Semites) with Genocide, Child Sacrifice and Ethnic Cleansing by self-admitted Insane Racists!

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Ya sure the climate crisis!! Its solvable if we fire the ones how are making it an issue, Firing these fucks would make a difference in not only climate change, but life as we know it would be so much more pleasant!!! Climate change Dee’s Nutz!!!!!

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What happened to the strong arguments in opposition to the climate change conclusion? Pollution is the real problem and nobody seems to care about it with the exception RFK, Jr.

It’s a little like the personal question: am I at risk for cancer? Whether the answer is yes or no ... yiu don’t actually know ... what you do is change your lifestyle to tilt your odds in the right direction.

Climate change: real or not? We don’t know for sure but the lifestyle changes requires are clear enough.

Taking away the oil and gas subsidies is surely correct. A vast expansion of regenerative agriculture is surely correct ... no NKP fertilizers and inter-penetrating population centers with high quality food production is surely correct. GETTING rid of all vaccine mandates is surely correct. How many tons of medical waste from the COVID shots alone? Was it is 1M tons? All this illustrates how retarded are Biden, his WH and supporters in Congress.

Knowing I am compulsive texter I’ll quit now instead of wasting too many electrons on the screen. But lifestyle changes for an individual or nation do not include suicide to prevent cancer or climate change. It DOES require all brain cells firing. That is biggest change in government that we need.

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Science, please, not insanity blustered by Greta and her fellow morons.

Even if there is "global warming" that is long-range in its cycle, it's highly unlikely that its cause is carbon. So you, Kennedy, and all the other misguided warriors are united in basing ridiculous actions on ridiculous pseudo-science.

If you want to protect us, join our war against all forms of climate hysteria and lunacy.

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Geoengineering is a huge contributor to the climate. It’s deployed world wide. Heating up the planet and creating the extreme weather. Until this is addressed nothing will change. geoengineeringwatch.org

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"Even Americans who don't accept carbon-induced climate change should worry that our nation's dependence on coal and oil has other obvious and unignorable costs—including poisoning our fisheries with mercury, sterilizing our lakes and streams, and denuding our forests with acid rain, as well as the mass-scale strip mining that is leveling parts of the Appalachian mountains and the petroleum addiction that keeps us embroiled in endless oil wars." RFK Jr. Newsweek 11/27/2023 "Biden's Carbon Pipeline Is a Boondoggle for Big Oil That Punishes Iowa Farmers" https://www.newsweek.com/bidens-carbon-pipeline-boondoggle-big-oil-that-punishes-iowa-farmers-opinion-1847173

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Kennedy was here in Clayoquot during the protests against old growth logging, I have faith in him but until deforestation is halted, dams are halted and there is a true commitment to these two primary reasons for global warming, the talks about climate change are futile. Forests are the insulation of this planet, the clothing of the Earth and absorb tons of CO2 daily as well as keeping soil moist and fertile. Dams are heat producing points akin to fever caused by blockages in a system. When we understand the living systems of this planet alike our own bodies, we will begin to have a rational approach to healing both.

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Hi Gary -- I am new to this lingo, although old to environmentalism and reduced consumption practices. Can you please explain what COP 28 means? Stand for? And what does nature based environmentalism stand for?

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