Americans, we in the rest of the world are depending on you to do the right thing.

Vote for integrity freedom democracy! Peace and prosperity! A safer world without dangerous chemicals and agricides.

Vote JFK Jr!

From a troubled citizen of the world.

The only one we have

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Vote RFK jr The ONLY Hope for our Democracy!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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RFK Jr.. First thought:

A majority of Americans never bought the official history of JFK & RFK assassinations, the belief he'd out the villains is really the hook for backing him. Many have noticed all the OTHER inconveniently idealistic people who "just happened to die" or otherwise had their primary campaigns destroyed by coordinated MSM/duo party action & want to believe in changing things.

The same business & intelligence interests that killed RFK Jr's father & uncle are not motivated to let too much change in BAU happen. There are long term investments in place, money & power could be lost.

No matter how much I and a majority of Americans would like to get some truths acknowledged and hope to see the empire take another shot at JFK's stifled attempts at the US relating to the rest of the world in some other way than at the point of a bayonet or oil drilling rig, the billionaire & political dynasties among the living descendants of those people who sanctioned (and facilitated) those killings have too much face and power to lose.

Second thought: "Hope & Change™" is why we'd back another Kennedy? Well, the campaign certainly could run on hope. In fact, at this point, that's all there is in the tank. Could we ever be allowed to have real changes in Business As Usual? Obama ran on "Hope & Change™", talked about closing Guantanamo and ending our forever wars. Trump was going to drain a swamp, close our borders, MAGA & etc. What changes did those who believed they'd accomplish these things see in the end?

3rd thought: Idealism always takes a 2nd row seat to the odious things all US candidates must do and say to be granted "legitimate candidate" status (AKA, PAC money, MSM access) by those who rule us. And a president really need a SECOND term to accomplish anything, needs to keep our rulers backing by not harming their investments during a first term.

Dissatisfied voters will certainly be encouraged to believe in change, while in back rooms & board rooms "the sausage is being made". RFK Jr. is a politician. If he goes along with the owners enough to be allowed to get along, what changes?

You've already seen RFK Jr. acknowledge USA facilitated Israeli ethnic cleansing and colonization is a sacred cow. He seems to back "the usual suspects" in our proxy war against the Russian Federation/threatened war against China. How would that change after the election?

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